Monthly Home Organizing Tips

by Tucson Maids - November 6, 2020

Monthly Home Organizing Checklist

If you wish to keep your home clutter free all year, there are ways to do so. Home cleaning and maintenance comes easy if you have a plan in mind. With a monthly home organizing checklist, you can keep your abode clean and tidy. Tucson Maids is the #1 rated house cleaning service Tucson, which makes them experts in this space. They provide home cleaning maintenance to many customers on a monthly and bi-weekly basis.

Let’s begin with the clutter

Now let’s come to the holiday season clutter.

As you have just entered the New Year after all the excitement of the holiday season, it’s time to get back to business. What better way to kick-start your new year than to get rid of the holiday clutter?
Put away new items received as gifts. Store holiday decorations. Clear the rest of the clutter, especially storage that was not put to use this year.

Start with the biggest cleaning and organizing challenge- closet

Maintaining an organized closet is an ongoing process. But if you could rearrange your clothes and organize it once, you will not have to do it soon.

Sift through your clothes by type and fabric. Separate your outfits into different categories, such as tops, dresses, pants, undergarments, and outerwear. It’s easier to compare similar clothes, making it easier to get rid of the clutter.

Make a commitment to yourself to keep only the stuff you need and donate everything else. This will keep your closet organized. Before arranging your favorites back in the closet, give it a proper deep clean. Wipe clean the shelves and or dirt off the walls.

Get a little creative with what you have. What are the closet’s best features?

Is there some vertical storage space? Is there some space for built-in shelving? Or you may choose to go with hanging rods.

A hanging shoe organizer works best at the tough-to-reach shelves, and you may store T-shirts, beach clothes, and hats.

In fact, there are endless possibilities when it comes to home organizing. If you have too many shelves with hanging space, it is a good idea to hang hooks and remove a few shelves. When your closet looks clean and organized, you can breathe better.

Next comes the kitchen

Next on your home organization checklist is the kitchen. Enter the kitchen with a mission to organize it. Perhaps a kitchen has the maximum amount of clutter in most homes. From kitchen appliances to pots, pans, and utensils, there is a lot of clutter. You want to donate stuff that only eats up valuable space in the kitchen. Declutter, clean, and organize.

Mop the floor and wipe clean the cabinets and dish rack. Discard excess plastic waste.

You cannot ignore the bathroom

Bathroom comes next on your home organizing checklist. But that does not mean you can ignore cleaning and sanitizing your bath. A clean, well-organized bathroom will get your day off to a better start. Clearing the clutter, besides bathroom cleaning, is the most important aspect of organizing a bathroom.

Start by decluttering and tossing old toiletries. An animal shelter is the best place to donate old linens.

Simplify your bedroom

Of course, this is one of the most important aspects of a home organizing project. Your bedroom deserves a lot of your time to create a serene, uncluttered environment. After all, you want to get a restful sleep every time you hit the bed. A cluttered, unorganized space will not give you a decent night’s sleep.

Make your bed every day in the morning. This is the first step to making your room look clean and tidy. It is a good idea to maximize storage with behind-the-door shelves and bedside tables. For some extra storage space, place a long ottoman in front of the bed. It will act as a focal point in the room while increasing storage.

Keep all dirty clothing in the laundry.

Clear the clutter

The garage is the most ignored space in your abode. Of course, you focus on keeping your living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom clean but often forget the garage. The easiest way to organize garage is to think on the lines of a department store manager. The goal is to organize the space into zones where you can stock sporting equipment, tools, appliances, and beach gear.

Organize the junk drawer

Your home organization checklist is incomplete without clearing the junk drawer. This is one space in your abode that is usually the catch-all for everything. So take time to clean them out once in a while to keep clutter away. Every time you clean it, you will find a lot of unwanted stuff taking up a lot of space there. You may want to deploy a few drawer organizers to accommodate small and larger items separately.

When you focus on home organizing, remind yourself not to dump everything in the junk drawers.

Regular cleaning will keep things under control.

The monthly home organizing checklist should include these essential tasks. If you stick to the checklist, you will find that life has become a little easier.