Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes You Want to Avoid

by Tucson Maids - March 18, 2020

Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

A bathroom is known as one space in your home where you want to spend the least amount of time, right? The reason is that a bathroom is associated with bad smell, germs, and pockets of filth. However, there are ways to keep your bathroom clean for health and safety of your loved ones. So when it comes to keeping it clean, you want to avoid common bathroom cleaning mistakes.

Common Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning half of the toilet bowl

You want to see that toilet bowl clean every time you visit the bathroom. So you make it a point to clean the inside of the bowl. However, unless you clean the whole of it, it is not clean fully. Cleaning the toilet exterior is equally important, including the tank and the base. Besides, it is crucial to regularly disinfect the handle.

Germs from the outside realm can easily travel to other parts and spoil them. So you want to ensure thorough cleaning of the bathroom every time you want to clean it. This includes cleaning handles, bowl, base, back, bolt caps, and top of the tank.

Keeping the hidden areas clean helps clean the whole of the bathroom.

Forgetting the curtain liner

One of the most common bathroom cleaning mistakes is forgetting about the curtain liner. When cleaning your shower, you may want to focus on the curtain liner too. Remember, the liner can easily attract mold, dust, and mildew if you do not clean it often.

So it is a good idea to throw it in the laundry machine with a little bit of bleach and hot water. Besides, avoid leaving the liner bunched up after you shower, because keeping it like that could attract mold and mildew.

Ignoring the most frequently touched points

One of the most common bathroom cleaning mistakes is to ignore the most frequently touched points. This includes cabinet handles, light switches, shelves, towel racks, faucets, toothbrush holders, and toilet paper holders.

These points are most likely to catch germs and become an easy breeding ground unless cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Using one cleaner for everything

Since a bathroom is the dirtiest place in the world, choosing the same cleaner to clean it all is a common bathroom-cleaning mistake. If you think that disinfecting wipe is enough to clean every nook and cranny, you may need to rethink. Instead of cleaning up the mess, it might spread more germs around. Remember, every single space needs its own cleaner.

You cannot use the same product for cleaning everything in the bathroom. However, you can make DIY bathroom cleaning solutions to clean different spaces.

Use that tub-and-tile spray cleaner to clean the tub, shower tiles, and wash basin. Keep the spray glass cleaner for wiping clean mirrors.

Cleaning it all in a jiffy

Bathroom cleaning requires patience. It is a common bathroom cleaning mistake to wipe clean everything without allowing adequate amount of time to a cleaner to work its magic. Unless you allow each product the time needed to kill germs and bacteria, it won’t give you the desired results.

Spray and let the product sit for at least 30-60 minutes to allow them to disinfect the space.

Not using exhaust fan enough

Turn on the exhaust fan every time you enter the shower. It is important to blow away all the moisture from the bathroom. An exhaust fan can serve that purpose well. This will help cut down on mildew. Else, you may want to keep a window open to reduce moisture and dry up the bathroom quickly. You may even use a squeegee to remove any moisture after shower.

Apart from regularly using the exhaust fan, cleaning it is equally crucial. Dirt and debris tend to accumulate on the fan blades. It is a good idea to vacuum clean the grille once in 3-6 months.

You could choose to wipe clean the fan in hot soapy water if there is too much of dust buildup. Dry the fan completely before reconnecting power.

Ignoring your toilet brush

As you need to change your toothbrush regularly, the toilet brush needs replacement too. This will help reduce bacterial growth in the bathroom.

Additionally, you may want to clean the toilet brush regularly with hot water and two capsules of bleach and leaving it in there for an hour. Rinse with hot water and leave it to dry thoroughly before replacing it in the toilet brush holder.

Not cleaning mats

Your bathroom mats need adequate amount of time to dry up. Clean them regularly and hang the mats until they dry out completely before use.

Ignoring the pipes

Another common bathroom cleaning mistakes is to forget the pipes. They may be out of sight, but make cleaning the pipes a monthly ritual. This is essential to prevent any dust, grease, and hair buildup inside.

One of the easiest ways to do so is by running down the drain half a cup of baking soda. Pour half a cup of white vinegar. Wait for 30 minutes, allowing time for the solution to work. Finally, pour boiling water down the drain to clear it all up.