Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Tucson

If you are moving houses or apartments and are needing a proper clean before handing the keys back to the landlord or new owner then Tucson Maids has you covered.

Tucson Maids is a professional move-in/move-out cleaning service in Tucson, AZ. We are experts at getting your home in top shape, know what is required and know the areas that are often overlooked by other companies.

Tucson Maids is the preferred vendor for many businesses in the area. They trust us to get the job done right every time. We provide quality and reliable move out cleaning services to customers all over Tucson.

Why Choose Our Move In/Move Out Cleaning in Tucson?

Moving can often be one of the most stressful times in your life. Between packing all your items, potentially changing jobs as well as all the other uncertainties that come with it. Just think, you know longer have to be stressed because Tucson Maids is here to help you!

We make sure we get all areas cleaned in your home by starting high and finishing low as well as making sure to do all dusting and dry cleaning before moving to our wet cleaning practices. We have a proven routine that is proven to work time after time. At Tucson Maids we don’t miss or overlook any areas such as air vents, ceiling fans or baseboards.

Factors for a Successful Tucson Move Out Cleaning

The three most important factors in being able to perform a 5 star cleaning for you is by making sure that you have your electricity still on, water turned on during the clean and your home is empty. We need electricity for our vacuums to work, not to mention the hot Tucson, Arizona heat that our hard working cleaners will have to face without AC. For water it is very important this is also turned on. We need water for rinsing after scrubbing, for mopping and much more.

Why Tucson Maids For Your Move In/Move Out Cleaning

There are many reasons to use Tucson Maids for your move out cleaning services, but the top reason is because we have the highest reviews in the area.

Focus on your new job, your family, and packing and leave the cleaning to the professionals at Tucson Maids. We make sure to incorporate all the required areas included in deep cleaning, while also cleaning additional areas to fit the move out cleaning package.

Book Online Instantly

We hate wasting your time and we hate wasting our time. That is why at Tucson Maids we have revolutionized the way to book a move out cleaning service. No more time spent doing an in home walk through and estimate. We have so much experience in cleaning that we standardized prices based on average time and average size. This allows you to book a clean online in 60 seconds or less or call our friendly office to help you book over the phone.

Experienced, Reliable and Prepared

Our cleaning teams have years and years of experience. Each person on our team loves cleaning and shows up on time and with a smile. Check out our reviews all over the web on Google and Yelp to see for your self! We come prepared with all of our own supplies and equipment. Once we enter your house or apartment we are fully prepared to tackle the task at hand.

What’s Included in My Tucson Move In/Move Out Cleaning

We make sure to clean all areas of your home. We promise not to neglect any areas because inside the oven is just as important to the cleaning process as cleaning the shower is. Wondering what is all included in your cleaning? You can check the full list at our checklists page.

It is a detailed full home cleaning that includes all areas of your home from your kitchen, living room, bathrooms and bedrooms.

At Tucson Maids the move in/move out cleaning is an all-encompassing package. When you select the move out cleaning package with us we ask that you ensure your home is empty of furniture when we arrive. The package includes deep cleaning and cleaning inside all of the appliances. If you have a garage we will sweep that out for you as well.

Are Windows Included?

Inside windows are not included in our move out package, but we do offer them as an extra add-on if you need these done. Don’t worry, windowsills and blinds are included within the move in/move out package. Cleaning the glass windows is a time consuming tasks, which is why we have to charge extra for this task.

Photos of Tucson Maids Work

Here are some examples of the work we have performed for local Tucson residents posted to our Google My Business webpage.

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