How to organize kitchen pantry

by Tucson Maids - December 23, 2020

How To Organize Kitchen Pantry

A well-organized pantry is the dream of every home chef. Sadly, a pantry often becomes a catch-all space for all things, from baking ingredients to canned goods and legumes. Unless the shelves are in order, it becomes tough to sort things at the right time. So kitchen pantry organization becomes crucial. Having a clean and organized pantry is often a direct reflection of how clean your entire home is.

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Kitchen Pantry Organizing Tips

Group Like With Like

Group similar items together to make life easier for you. You may want to go a step further with kitchen pantry organization and subdivide your eatables.

You may line up items considering the frequency of use. This means placing the most frequently used items first and then following up with other items that are used rarely.

Hooks come in handy

Your kitchen has a lot of stuff. When it comes to kitchen pantry organizing, one way to easily reach out to aprons, towels, gloves, and mitts is to hang them in hooks on the pantry door. This best thing about this is that the linens do not take up any extra drawer or shelf space while your kitchen looks well organized.

Collect packets in one place

Something that easily gets lost in a kitchen is the favorite candy packets of your little one. But with sink caddies and Velcro, you can create a wall organizer that keeps flimsy packets in sight all the time. That means there is no chance of anything getting lost.

Store on the door

Kitchen pantry organizing becomes easier with door storage hack. All you need is hooks and clips to hang essentials on the door. Assign specific hooks to each one of you in the family. This should make life easier with everyone having their own space.

Use baskets for storage

Leverage the vertical wall space by scattering baskets on different shelves. Use both high and low shelves and place seasonal items high. Keep the lower shelves for storing kid-friendly essentials. Big baskets are right for kids to grab their favorite snacks.

Wicker baskets are a good choice to create the magic of a unified space. No doubt, they are sturdy enough to safely stock bottles and packages. Neatly labeled baskets make life easier when you are short on time. No doubt, they are an integral component of an expert kitchen pantry organization.

See through storage

You may choose clear containers so it is easier to see through the contents and amounts. See-through containers may or may not be labeled with item name. But it is a good idea to write the expiration dates for each item. It is a good idea to stock up on self-adhesive labels. Else, a label maker is easy and simple to use.

Opt for a full house cleaning out every month so things stay fresh. It takes only a few minutes to take a stock of your inventory and check expiration dates. By doing this, you can clear out space for items you already have in stock so you do not end up buying duplicates.


Add lazy Susan

Turn a boring dingy corner into a focal point in your kitchen pantry with Lazy Susan. It’s one solution for your kitchen organization problem that maximizes corner space while keeping your pantry organized. You may even increase your shelf space with a two-tiered turntable. No doubt, a Lazy Susan is the hero of a corner or deep cabinets that are otherwise tough to reach.

Go for pull-out drawers

One of the creative ways to organize kitchen pantry is to choose pull-out wire shelves below the shelves in the walls. This is an interesting way to use empty space and store kid’s favorite snacks. They are easy to reach for kids.

Turn Pantry Door into chalkboards

How about turning the kitchen pantry doors into chalkboards? Sounds interesting? This is one of the most creative kitchen pantry organizing ideas to make the pantry doors more functional. All you need is a contract paper or even chalkboard paint to write down grocery lists. The chalkboards can be used for noting down important reminders too.

Or you could dress the doors into storage. Hang a rack or two on the back of the door to store items. You may install a door rack in the pantry door and maximize the space.

Open shelving is a welcome idea

For a small kitchen pantry organizing project, investing in tasteful containers is a good idea. Put them on open shelves and make your small kitchen more functional.

Are you still wondering how to organize kitchen pantry? Connect with home organizing experts at Tucson Maids. Let us help you become crafty with kitchen storage.