Back to School Organization Ideas

by Tucson Maids - December 11, 2020

Back to School Organization Ideas

So you are happy kids are going back to school for the new session. But now you are looking for back to school organization ideas for parents, right? Well, back to school organizing need not be challenging. Tucson Maids is a professional cleaning service in Tucson, AZ and they help people clean to make organizing easier. Here’s how you can take control of things.

Organizing Tips for Back to School

An organized workspace will help bring sanity back to your space. Of course, when kids know what is where, there will be less hurdles to complete their homework. When your kids know where to access items they won’t toss items which creates a mess and a need for another house cleaning session with local provider Tucson Maids.

Bring a DIY folding desk

Give kids their little personal space for homework. A folding desk is a good idea to set up in a small space. You could bring a hideaway desk too. The two classroom classics will add a fun twist to the space and make homework feel less of a chore.

With such an addition to their homework space, kids will learn how to keep clutter away. Reason? Well, the desks and chairs do not close if there are items above.

The bigger the mess your kids make the more cleaning and work will be required from you. You are a busy parent so most likely you will have to call maid service Tucson to come save the day.

Get behind the door

When space constraint makes back to school organizing a challenge, worry not. The space behind the door can serve as a book shelf. A new school year will bring new books for kids. A lot of new stuff and stationery may be an open invitation to clutter. You could mount floating shelves to the wall behind the door. Voila! You have a sweet little nook for a library.

What’s in a launching pad

The morning rush can make you sick. Perhaps there is a lot to do on maddening mornings when kids need to go to school. So you cannot ignore this back to school organization ideas for parents. The idea is to create a dedicated nook, where everything needed in the morning is stocked so your child can easily grab, pack, and go. Better still, you may need to create a checklist of essentials and non-essentials. Make your child’s responsibility to get hold of his things every day. It’s a lesson for life!

A DIY homework station isn’t a bad idea

Small spaces are more cluttered and can easily distract your child’s attention. So why not make a little effort to keeping distractions at bay when kids are doing their homework?

A DIY study station might come in handy to keep kids focused. Better still, make one that folds flat and does not cause storage blues when kids are done with their homework.

Paper storage gets easier

When kids return to school, it’s normal to see a lot of paper clutter on their study table. There will be piles and piles of paper, from poems, certificates, artwork, and memorabilia, among others.

It is a good idea to buy a hanging file box. You’ll need this for each child. Get some printable labels to label them by school year. File the paper as soon as it comes in. what’s more, this will gradually help you become organized with paperwork. Additionally, you will end up making an incredible keepsake for your child by the time they finish schooling. So this back to school hack serves two purposes. You are organizing paperwork and making memories too.

Stock all stationery supplies in plain sight

Now you don’t want your kids to waste time searching for a pen or pencil, right? With this school supplies organization hack, you can keep all their stuff in plain sight. Of course, keeping these stationery items in the back of the closet won’t serve any purpose. Get a little creative. Bring them out of the closets to the table, set in a Lazy Susan organizer. Better still, you can create one at home with all empty cans and bottles. Give them a pop of color and label. You have your own DIY stationery organizer ready.

Get them involved in the kitchen

Sounds weird? Well, school-aged kids can pack their own tiffin – of course, they will need you initially. The best you can do is to assemble a make-your-own-lunch station for them. start with labelling pantry and fridge with items they can easily grab to make a nutritious lunch for school.

Let kids choose what they need and grab the same within seconds, from plastic spoons to lunch bags and snacks. When you assemble things, pack snack items in one, protein punches in another. Let fruits and veggies sit in the fridge.

When they pick their own lunch, won’t they be excited about finishing it too?

These organizing tips for back to school can surely come in handy and take a load off your morning blues. If you are still looking for back to school organization ideas to get more organized, involve the professionals at Tucson Maids. We will be happy to help. Schedule an appointment with our cleaning service by using our Book Now feature or by giving us a call.