Garage Basement Storage Ideas

by Tucson Maids - June 15, 2021

A basement becomes a hub of items, from paper to yard accessories and furniture. If you have a basement space at home, use it properly to add extra storage space to your home. Of course, you do not want it to become a black hole where stuff is tossed and forgotten until it becomes scrap. So let’s sees how to organize a basement to add more space to your property.


When you want to expand more space, the first thing you want to do is to clear the clutter. An uncluttered space looks and feels stressed and congested. When you start to declutter the basement, you will feel it looks more like a hoarder’s den, with forgotten boxes and never-used stuff.

One of the most important steps for basement organization is to declutter, purge, and clean the space. Evaluate everything on the basis of use and find a spot for it. Else, it is good to go.


Clean all appliances sitting in the basement, from freezers to dryers, washers, and refrigerators. Think of it as doing a move out cleaning while doing this part.  Don’t keep them wet. For dryers and washers, let the doors remain slightly open. This will allow air circulation. The objective is to prevent mold and mildew growth in wet surfaces so air circulation will keep them dry.


So now you have identified what you want to keep. The next step is to sort out what’s appropriate for storage in the basement. You don’t want to keep stuff that can easily catch mold or mildew in the basement because they are damp. Plastic basement shelving units are a good basement storage solution. Avoid wood shelving at all costs.

For easy basement organization, you should choose plastic totes for storage. The see-through storage saves time as you know what is where. It is not a bad idea to group like with like. Labeling each tote will save you time. One of the safe garage storage ideas is to keep the bottom for placing the heaviest items. This reduces the risk of a fall.

Designate zones

Create categories or zones for organizing stuff by seasons. Having zones will help limit the clutter, making it easier to find items. Labeling is a good way to find what is sitting where. This means you can easily find items and then place them where they belong to. Besides, do not forget to mark shut-off valves and switches on the fuse as a safety measure.

Sturdy shelving

When you have designated the zones for storing items, you will need shelving for basement walls. How many containers do you need? What type of shelving works best in the basement?

You should prefer open shelving for air circulation to keep pathogens at bay.

Sturdy plastic shelves are a good shelving solution for basement. You may choose to hang tools on a wall using hooks on a pegboard. Or you may want to go for cubbies when you are wondering how to organize a basement. Easy to build, cubbies offer great flexibility.

Ceiling for basement storage

That slanting ceiling can work as a clever basement storage solution. Although it might sound unusual, it can fit in stuff that is rarely used. Folded linens can easily fill up the awkward storage space in the attic. Pair the linens with spare throw pillows.

Additionally, you may choose to create a flange system to keep items safe from groundwater. Get the stuff up from the ground and pack into airtight containers. One way to utilize unused ceiling space that is otherwise rarely functional. Or you could install metal shelves from the ceiling to enhance basement storage.

Look under the stairs

There is an abundance of space under the stairs. But when nothing seems to fit right, get a little creative with wooden crates to expand your storage options.

A pop of color on the boxes will make them visually attractive. Label each box with what’s hidden inside and you have an easy fix, right?

What’s more, if you are little more creative, you could turn the stairs into functional drawers.

Bring in some baskets

Baskets are one of the less expensive basement storage ideas that easily conceal clutter. You may want to keep small items in the baskets for better basement organization.

Hide storage

Sliding barn doors are an excellent choice when you want to hide your stored items, making your attic look neat. Turn a part of the basement into a secret room or hide the cubbies behind a sliding door for an uncluttered look.

Are you still looking for garage basement storage ideas? If so, Tucson Maids can help. We provide professional cleaning and organizing solutions for residential and commercial properties.