Tucson Apartment Hunting

by Tucson Maids - October 12, 2021

Congratulations! You are on your way to the first step of a new milestone in your life – apartment hunting in Tucson, AZ! To jumpstart your search, prepare a personal checklist of what you need to accomplish in your hunting. Then, write down all the questions you may want to ask your Realtor or real estate agent and decide on your budget, as this will save you time in narrowing down the possible apartments you can visit.

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To some, finding the place where they feel comfortable staying in or will suit their needs can be more challenging. But, do not lose hope; with your patience and your effort, you can soon find your apartment.

  • We will give you several tips to consider before deciding where and which apartment is best for your situation.
  • What are the practical things and necessities that you need to look for in an apartment?
  • We will give you easy access to some apartment hunting sites that will serve as your apartment finder will provide you with options on where these leases are available.

By now, we know you pretty much have a vision of the house details and the type of apartment you need. This article will serve as your checklist as you hunt for your apartment.

What are the Points that You Need to Know Before You View your Tucson, AZ Apartments?

Decide On Your Budget

Setting a budget should be your number one task once you decide to look for an apartment. This should be a great deal since this will set the stage for the other factors you need to consider eventually.

How much are you willing to spend for your monthly rental and the rest of the utility costs for moving in, your food and grocery allowance, credit card bills, phone bills, and miscellaneous in case you need to spend extra. Your rent fee should at least be 1/3 of your monthly earnings.

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Do not forget to include your budget for your amenities, as this will also determine how much you will be paying for your space. For example, how many bedrooms will you need? Are you looking for two-bedroom apartments on the top floors of the building? These will also play a part in the pricing of the apartments for rent. You can use online calculators to have an idea of the type of apartments you can have based on your earnings.

Which Season Are You in?

Car and mountainInclude the year when you are hunting for Tucson apartments. Some would prefer moving in during the fall in time for the colorful mountainous rises in Arizona. Others wait until the latter part of the year. In general, most renters wait until the summer because of the favorable weather. However, the demand for properties goes up during this time. The Winter season is when properties lower their prices and accept deals.

Self-imposed Inspections

Expect the worst but hope for the best; this is still applicable even in your apartment search. When you are viewing an apartment, look for the things that you do not usually check. Check for subtle items such as top shelves or cabinet interiors, if anything, in closets, kitchen sinks, and bathroom faucets. Try charging your phone to test if all outlets are working.

Prepare Your Questions

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This is your time to ask the property manager or whoever is showing you the apartment in Tucson, AZ, all the questions you have in mind.

  • Ask if utilities are paid separately from your monthly rent
  • Where do you do laundry
  • How are garbages disposed of and the schedule
  • Parking fee
  • Ask for the moving in requirements
  • Ask for the maintenance order
  • Ask if there are any maximum renters allowed in one apartment
  • Ask if they are pet-friendly and their rules about them
  • Ask an idea how long does it usually take you to go to nearby cities
  • Ask for the accessibility of community amenities
  • Ask about the business center or the fitness center
  • What are the available commercial properties nearby

Bring Your Own Tape Measure

Take the measurements of the furniture you will be moving with you and inspect for possible spaces to put them. You can bring a tape measure to see the square footage or how wide or narrow the doors and hallways are and if you need help moving your things.

Will You Be All By Yourself Or Will You Have Roommates?

Consider renting with a friend or a colleague so you can take advantage of the space, plus it will be more affordable for both if you can divide the monthly rent. For example, you can get a one-bedroom apartment and share a double-decker bed, or you can also look for a two-bedroom apartment to have privacy.

Is Cell Reception Strong?

Do not assume that the internet and phone reception are always strong just because the building is located in an open area. Always include this in your checklist. Move to each room to test if the signals fluctuate in some rooms and check for dead spots. If your work needs you to be on the phone or online, you need to rent the perfect apartment where the signal is conveniently located and uninterrupted.

Contact the Best Person

If you have a list of apartments from a free rental locator service, look for the contact details of the main person in charge of showing you. You do not want to waste time if you will be coming from the Santa Catalina Mountains area and the rest of the comparable cities. Usually, there is a contact number of the person you need to get in touch with so you can set an appointment with them beforehand.

Learn to Negotiate

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If you think that the situation gives you some space to negotiate, there is no harm in trying. There are property types that still need to be fixed, or if you have requested not included in the amenities, they can typically negotiate if you are signing a rent. Talk to your property manager.

Do Not Waste Time

If you are sure that the apartment you have found on the apartment finder is your gain, do not hesitate to grab the chance to rent it immediately. If you are trying to move to downtown Tucson during peak season, everyone is looking for the next apartment to rent. Keep your communication with your property manager open to confirm if you have decided to get one of the AZ apartments.

Suppose you see a chance to rent a pet-friendly apartment near the Pima Community College, just a short drive to the Tucson International Airport, and you know you can always drive to the mountainous terrain or the Sonoran Desert. In that case, there is no reason you cannot highly consider renting the AZ apartments for rent right away. Then, you can call the leasing office without wasting a minute of your time.

Take Photos

Taking photos of your apartment in Tucson, Arizona, when you move in will be beneficial when it is time for you to move out again. Most of the time, the property manager or the owner will deduct more of what they should take from your deposit, but you have a greater chance of getting a fairer refund if you can show them the exact condition of the place when you moved in. It is also helpful to take pictures of what can be seen near the apartment. For example, how is the bike infrastructure? Can you do outdoor activities or outdoor recreation? Is it a private outdoor space?

Ask for Insurance

The place that may find in apartment finder will need to have renters insurance as this will highly protect you, and you give safety such as coverage for burglary. Therefore, it is essential to inquire how to get coverage from the owner or contact any local insurance company within the Tucson neighborhoods.

Check for Reviews

You may see rent specials or average rent in AZ apartments near the Pima Community College or Mesquite Elementary School. Perhaps, there are price drops for one-bedroom rent along Broadway Blvd., Valencia Rd., or Congress Street, but if you see red flags such as bad feedback, then do not hesitate to search for more options. Read as much apartment-related info as you can so you can choose the right one for you.

What Are Some of the Best Sites to Hunt Tucson, AZ Apartments?

Apartment Finders

Apartment Finders in Tucson, Arizona, is continuously working as one of the apartment locators in Arizona. They can lead you to townhomes, condos, and apartments for rent with more than 5,000 units to choose from. Apartment locators have been operational since 1985 and are also licensed real estate agencies specializing in residential income properties.

Weidner Apartment Homes

Weidner Apartment Homes distinguishes itself as the apartment industry leader in each of the markets. They operate in Arizona and other states in the United States and Canada. They offer a variety of apartments and townhouses, also luxury suites to suit your needs, taste, and budget. In addition, their community offers pet-friendly apartments and is smoke-free.

Apartment List

Apartment List is another apartment finder that serves the US 50 states. They offer furnished AZ apartments, condos, short-term leases, and pet-friendly spaces. They have apartments near the colleges, the Catalina Foothills, and museums nationwide, such as the Ole Pueblo and other large cities.


Apartments.com also serves as another apartment finder that offers apartments, condos, and townhouses in Tucson, AZ. You can search by price, the number of beds, type, lifestyle, and move-in date. Most of the apartments are also friendly to pets and near commercial buildings.


ApartmentFinder, true to its name, is the fifth apartment finder we are sharing in this article that can also help you look for an apartment and see the natural beauty of the mountain ranges in Tucson, AZ. They have special deals, 3D and video tours to show you, which is helpful if you are scouting for an apartment during this time.

Tucson Maids Can Help You with Move-In Cleaning

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We make a booking online fast and efficiently for you. We have made it unique and accessible by the standardized prices based on the average time and size of your apartment. For 60 seconds or less, you can set up an appointment with us, and we are happy to send our certified, reliable, and experienced cleaner to prepare the place for you. You can see our checklist to know what we can cover and clean on your behalf. Call us or book online today!