Is It Better to Dust or Vacuum First?

by Tucson Maids - October 18, 2021

Happiness is indeed a freshly cleaned house. But not all of us have the luxury of time cleaning, and we want to know the most efficient way to have a dust-free home environment. How do we disentangle the question of whether it is right to dust first before you vacuum and finally put this case to rest? Today, we will try to make things easier for you as we answer this question.

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What is the Meaning of Dust?

Dust is composed of fine particles of anything solid. This can be derived from different origins: soil, pollution, dead skin cells, pollen, hair, pet dander, fibers from textile and paper, outdoor soil minerals, particles from a burnt meteorite, and the remaining dust particles from the environment.

What are Dust Mites?

Let us talk about more dust. There are those that you call house dust mites that also live in our homes. They do not live on human beings, but their usual food is dead human skin cells, and you can see them on the floor and surfaces in your home. You can expect them in carpets, beddings, and furniture if you live in a dark, humid, or warm place.

Why Is It Necessary to Always Dust?

As part of the cleaning routine, dusting will make your house clean, saving you from possible illnesses. However, studies show that susceptibility to dust in your home can result in irritation of the nose, mouth, lungs, and stomach. Some call this mucosal irritation, too.

When your nose feels stuffed, there could be more sinus health problems. Also, if you overlook dusting tiny dirt particles by not using the dust mop, you are tempting health problems as dusting also clears up pollen and pet hair.

Your health and those of your loved ones should be your priority. It pays to know simple ways on how you do not need to exhaust yourself, but you can also keep your house clean at the same time.

How Can You Decrease and Not Collect Dust In the Home?

Even though you have managed to do a lineup on how you can maintain the cleanliness in your house by putting clutter aside all the time, you still need to deal with indoor dust. We cannot eliminate this in full since dust is a result of life. We can only lessen them by following these suggestions:

Keep the dust outside

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You are the gatekeeper of your house, and you can decide whatever you allow inside. Since dust mostly comes from outdoor factors, find ways to trap them where they belong. Open your windows and doors when it is only necessary. Leave all footwear outside and place a mat outside to stop dust and disinfect before you can enter your home.

A grooming area for your pets

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The mere petting of your cats and dogs will also produce itinerant dander and dust. Small crevices can also hide this hair, and they serve as irritants to allergies. Set a place where you can groom them to lessen, should you dust daily pet hair.

Keep your beddings clean.

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A dusty region, no doubt, is your bedding. Dust mites love staying in between fabrics, not to mention your skin particles. So a heavy dusting is always needed by replacing your bed sheet, mattresses, and pillowcases.

Use a true HEPA filter for your vacuum.

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Go for the best way to trap dust; a HEPA filter will make your job a lot easier and add assurance to your health as this is the best way to trap other allergens.

Textile fibers and papers

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If you can help it, shun from throwing clothes and put them in your closet where they should belong. Fabrics are a dust compartment that is always waiting to release fibers. Do not let a stack of reading magazines and newspapers stay inside your house as this will collect all the dust. You can place them in a box or the storage room to not incorporate dusting.

Invest in an air purifier

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Your air purifier will work best if it uses a HEPA filter. If you have installed this near a window or your door, this will shun dust more effectively. In addition, you can choose from many brands that can lessen airborne particulate contamination.

You can drive compressed air away and remove the dust on the surfaces of objects that seem not to let go. The same with the air conditioner and the central air unit that serve as a vast automatic vacuum once you turn them on, you can help them do their work better and regularly dust them.

Use socks to remove dust on your blinds.

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If you have old socks that are chenille fabric, instead of throwing them away, you can use them and a microfiber cloth to clean your window blinds instead of using another dusting material. You can start dusting by inserting your fingers in each horizontal blind, and you will be surprised at how fast you can remove dust that way.

Try dryer sheet to remove dust particles from baseboards

Many cleaners would instead use dryer sheets now than any dusting cloth. You can pass this along your baseboard using your dusting spray, and it will magnetize dust particles as you go.

What is the Difference Between Light Dusting and Heavy Dusting?

Who would have thought the dull topic of dusting could be this interesting and it could save your health from the dangers of illnesses. Is it worth knowing the difference between these two types of dusting when all you want to achieve is to make your keep your home in tip-top shape?

Light dusting is synonymous with a basic dusting on wood surfaces and other surfaces all over your home. Cleaning of lower surfaces like baseboards, low shelves, or low areas such as linoleum floors is included in this cleaning routine.

On the other hand, you do heavy dusting every few months intended for commonly ignored areas and not reached corners. Dusting your blinds is part of this and getting the high shelves of higher surfaces like tall furniture and cabinets.

Does Vacuuming Kick Up Dust?

There is a high tendency for vacuum cleaners to kick up dust instead of picking it up if it does not have high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter. Seal all parts of the vacuum cleaner where it could spread dust all over.

How to Properly Use a Vacuum Cleaner?

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Vacuuming is a necessity that most people are not fond of doing. But if you learn how to use vacuum cleaners properly, it will become second nature to hold this and make it work.

Purchase the right vacuum for your floor

You will read this many times to choose the compatible player for your floor. Part of the step-by-step process is to equip yourself first with the right vacuum. There are many types of vacuum that you can choose from nowadays. There are many house cleaning services that use the best vacuums and top quality equipment, so that the homes are pristinely cleaned. When you book professional cleaning companies like Atlanta Maids and Nashville Maids you can expect the house cleaners to use the best equipment possible.

Move all distractions out of your way

To not make it time-consuming, check the place you need to clean and remove large objects that may distract your work. Also, pick up small particles that may be stuck and destroy your cleaner. If you have furniture that could be hiding dust bunny, move them to one side of the floor so you can vacuum.

Set time to vacuum

Although you want your work to finish fast, this does not mean that you can mechanically pass the vacuum and be done with it. Therefore, if you aim for quality cleaning, set a time for vacuuming and not rush your time.

Modify the rule

Do the same steps as you did in thoroughly vacuuming and cleaning in all directions up to the door frames. You can ensure deep cleaning this way if all corners of the dirty floors are covered and cleaned evenly.

Use the extender hose attachment

Most vacuum cleaners come with a long straight attachment or brush attachment to absorb the tricky and sticky particles or reach far-end corners.

They are added to your advantage as they make cleaning more convenient. Should you dust or sweep, do this before vacuuming carpets to get all the grimes and crumbs cleaned.

Always check your vacuum bag

Please do not wait until the vacuum bag is brimming with dirt before replacing it. Once the bag is full, this diminishes its ability to suction well and could damage the machine. The repercussions could be many unwanted repair charges, or you would need to buy a new vacuum that you do not want, especially if it is something within your control.

Add vacuuming to your regular workout

Even tiny particles and what you call final dust still need to be removed, if not daily, at least once weekly. Vacuuming will help those members of your household with asthma and other allergies. You will also have great control of molds which can also derail your health.

What Places Need Constant Vacuuming?

The inside of your cabinets needs constant cleaning. When it is dark and humid, more dust mites can accumulate and the area.

Window drapes and blinds are also giant magnets of dirt. However, you can easily wipe blinds by using microfiber cloths and vacuum the rest.

It is never sufficient to wash your bedding and replace it. It would help if you also vacuumed using the extender hose attachment for upholstery.

Many dust and dirt are lurking under your bed. Again, it is a dark area; dust mites and all types of dust bunnies are hiding them from you. A vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency filter will help in removing them.

We all know our cleaning paraphernalia could be the dirtiest since they all sponge the dust and dirt along the way. However, you can prolong the life of your broom by constantly vacuuming it. There is a specific vacuum that can clean them.

Vacuum your furniture weekly, even if they seem to be without any dirt. Some vacuum attachments are intended to remove dirt and pet dander from the table.

Do not forget to vacuum the area where you can see your ceiling fans. Most likely, dust and germs are circulating in this space, too, due to the air circulation.

Computer Keyboards are not your best buddies in emitting dirt. However, because you utilize it often, you can find food scraps, hair, and other germs, so it is necessary to use a vacuum tool to clean your keyboards.

Is It Better to Dust or Vacuum First?

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Tucson Maids is here to help you with your dust and vacuum concerns. These are both part of our current cleaning services because we know how necessary it is to keep a clean home. And when we do serious cleaning, we make sure to dust the room you need us to tidy up before vacuuming, not to give small particles in the air linger in your place. Book today by calling us at 520-276-5154 or check out our website to learn more about our services!