Find Out the Average Cost of Maid Service in Tucson, AZ

by Tucson Maids - August 11, 2021

If you check, they will show that standard cleaning services in Tucson, AZ of a house with two bedrooms, one bath, and an extra window cleaning service could cost you between $120 to $190. At the same time, deep cleaning is between $145 to $250. These services could be either charged per hour or a flat fee rate.

The demand for cleaning nowadays continues to develop each year. This expansion is understandable since people do not stop wanting their homes, offices, and commercial spaces to look professional and tidy. Since some of you do not have enough time to do this, you turn to house cleaning services or maid services to help you achieve your goals at reasonable rates.

What are the types of maid services in Tucson, AZ?

Residential and commercial properties seek house cleaning services in Tucson, AZ, scattered all over the area. The three significant services of house cleaners are standard cleaning, deep cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleaning. Today, you will learn more about the house cleaning services you can request if you are interested in booking an appointment.

Standard or Regular Cleaning

Standard cleaning is the type of regular cleaning you usually do every week, only this time, maid services will do it on your behalf. This is for maintaining your standard of cleanliness in your home or office.

You can expect the home cleaner in Tucson, AZ, to work on the following:

  • Tidying up your house and vacuuming
  • Cleaning your bathrooms, which include toilet, mirror, sink, bath, etc.
  • Cleaning your kitchen (dusting, taking out the trash)
  • As you noticed, this type of cleaning does not cover the entirety of the house, and it does not take long. They aim to make sure your home is dusted. They have removed the dirt and any debris.

Deep Cleaning

You have read about standard cleaning; deep cleaning is more extensive in terms of the cleaning coverage. Typically, you can do deep cleaning every six months. As a homeowner, you know that deep cleaning is going deeper to remove dirt and grime in your place. These are the areas that standard cleaning does not reach. Tucson house cleaning is a serious business, and when you booked for deep cleaning, you can expect the assigned house cleaners to do the following:

Deep cleaning the range of soap residue found in your bathroom shower heads

  • Cleaning bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles.
  • Deep cleaning the rear of the oven or washing machine that you do not usually reach on a weekly cleaning needs.
  • Deep cleaning all baseboards and doors
  • Dusting and washing all your interior windows
  • Deep cleaning the insides of your oven
  • Deep cleaning your glass doors

Deep cleaning has upped their game now that everything has become contemporary. Some maid service cleaning companies carry their hi-tech cleaning supplies. This is probably one of the reasons why services cost is higher.

Move-In/Move Out Cleaning Services

move out cleaning for the Kitchen

We usually list what you need to make sure it is clean when you are moving out. But did you know this is also one of the services most of the house cleaning services in Tucson, AZ offer? There is also a list of move-in cleaning that a house cleaner from a cleaning service can do.

Most people are preoccupied when moving out. You need to take care of the new place you are transferring to, and you barely have time to inspect what else needs cleaning.

The move in and move out involves inside cleaning of oven, fridge, drawers, and cupboards, to name a few. As you know, it is easier to get your deposit back if you leave your home clean. Housekeeping in Tucson, AZ, is working at its best!

  • Vacuum and polish floors
  • Remove all baseboards dirt
  • Dust all furniture surfaces and light fixtures
  • Clean kitchen appliances and cupboards
  • Clean kitchen sinks, bathroom toilets, shower, and countertops

Several Factors to Consider When Booking Cleaner in Tucson

luxury house in Tucson

Hiring a cleaning service in Tucson, Arizona, can lessen probably one of the most tiring parts of your moving journey: making sure that the house you are moving into or moving out from is clean, dust-free, and on top of its shape.

A cleaning company has to consider several factors when you schedule an appointment with them. For example, you live in Tucson, Arizona 85711 (zip); you need to let them know the following:

house that needs a deep cleaning

The scope of your property as their customer. How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you have? This will determine the price you need to pay or the rates they will give you. At the same time, you can also prepare your budget.
What services do you need for your home? Does it need the basic cleaning, deep cleaning, or the moving in/moving out cleaning?
Do you require a professional cleaner in Tucson to bring cleaning products and other cleaning equipment, or do you have everything you need at home?
If you currently have pets at home, you may want to mention this to cleaning companies as some have additional costs.
Let the professionals know if you require hypoallergenic cleaning products or need them to clean a specific area in your home that is not part of the standard, deep clean, and move in/move out cleaning.

The good news is, maid service companies usually give discounts if you choose a program such as a weekly appointment. First-time users have perks, too!

How much does typical maid service cost?

dusting a mirror during cleaning service in Tucson

The minimum rate for standard cleaning if you have a tiny house, say 1 bed, 1 bath, is $105/clean. This rate is for Tucson Maids customers, and they offer discounts if you choose to have them come over on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Check out and compare their standard cleaning discounts for their valued customers:

Every week – 20% off at $96/clean

Every two weeks – 15% off (most popular promo) at $102/clean

Every 4 weeks – 5% off at $114/clean

Best way to hire house cleaners in Tucson Arizona

booking a maid service in Tucson over the phone

Here is our suggested checklist if you are planning to book Tucson house cleaning. These are questions that you can ask the house cleaning companies so you can choose the best one that you can work with:

Read reviews of several house cleaning websites and talk to your team or people you trust if they have recommendations. Call several companies that your colleagues and friends have recommended to you. You may ask for this information:

taking down notes for Tucson maid service
  • Check for the cleaning services license. Verify if they are insured.
  • Ask if they directly hired their employees and if they have done proper background checks and drug testing? Ask for the training they have attended and certified.
  • The services that the cleaning company offers ask specific questions regarding services for your home.
  • Do they give written estimates? If they do, can they provide this for free in the written paper?
  • Does the staff of the cleaning services in Tucson, AZ, bring their cleaning supplies? What kind of products do they use? Do they offer a green clean?
  • Will the house cleaning services require you to sign a contract?
  • How do they usually go through dissatisfaction with the cleaning services?
  • Can you cancel if the appointment will not push through?

Once you feel that a specific maid services company has met your standards and seen their overall value, the next step is to book an appointment. To some companies, they can discuss booking right then and thereafter addressing your inquiries.

How much does it cost to clean a 1500 sq ft house?

cleaning supplies

As you would expect, house cleaning services in Tucson, AZ, use various methods to determine their cost for either standard cleaning or deep cleaning. Some charge a flat rate no matter how quick or long the time the cleaners spent. Others charge by the hour, per cleaner, and by the square foot.

A cleaning service may begin with the standard cost of their most regular cleaning. From there, it can just add any additional cost done to the house of the customers. On average, you can say that $.20 to $.30 is the average rate per sq ft. to upgrade it to deep cleaning.

A 1,500 sq. ft. house could be around $200-$220 for 2.5 to 3.5 hours (deep clean).

Is Post-Construction One of the Cleaning Services Offered?post construction cleaning in Tucson

Finishing a home you have watched be built in a long time can be exhausting, but nothing can be more tiring when you see all the mess after the construction.

The building or renovating a house can be stressful, and if you are in charge of the household, spare yourself the pressure of cleaning the aftermath of the construction. Since not all cleaning services in Tucson, AZ, offer this particular package, you can still call them to request special assistance.

There are also cleaning service companies that allow you to book and assist you in transitioning from the building of your house to the finished part. They tidy from ceiling to floor cleaning with non-toxic and environment-friendly house cleanings.

walk in closet after clean completed

You can also request deep cleaning to ensure that no construction residue is still lying around your home. Some of the expected jobs done in post-construction are:

  • Dusting, removing dirt, spots, and clamors from walls.
  • Clean baseboards and other frames in your house.
  • Orderly interior handiwork.
  • Clean and remove construction stickers from glass walls.
  • Clean the cabinet interiors, windows, and closets.
  • Wipe surfaces of furniture, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.

getting ready to clean

Get an exclusive free estimate today! More and more clients are satisfied with Tucson, AZ cleaning services, and we are certain it could only get better than this. Call us today and use our code upon checkout!