Easy Steps on How to Get Wine Out of Your Carpet

by Tucson Maids - August 11, 2021

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In Naples, they believed that spilling wine brings good luck to the one receiving the spill but on the one spilling the wine. They will thank you if you happen to stain and destroy their fancy dress because there will be fortune coming their way. We wonder if spilling this instead on the carpet also has a meaning.

While that was a dainty story, cleaning your carpet when you or a guest spills red wine is no joke. You might ask – how to get red wine out of carpet? Here’s how: blend parts hydrogen peroxide into dishwashing soap, and your problem is solved. But is this the only way?

Can Wine Stains Be Removed?


A lot of you may think that removing wine stains is a minefield. The good news is, it is not. There are proven solutions to removing wine stains from many various materials where you could spill your wine on.

Wine stains on clothes or any fabric material(if you are not from Naples) are inconvenient, especially if you spilled this on your stunning dress and you have just arrived at the gathering. Here are several tips that you can follow to remove stains.

Dishwashing Detergent and Hydrogen Peroxide


If this was spilled on clothes – combine equivalent parts of dishwashing liquid detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Pour what you have mixed to the part where there is wine stain and leave it to soak. After a few minutes, you should begin to see some wine stain removal; either the stain is starting to fade or it is completely gone. Wash your clothes as you usually do. This step serves light-colored clothes as peroxide may bleach the fabric if it is thick and heavy-colored.

Boiling water (or cups of warm water)


If there is a wine stain on your tablecloth, you can boil water while placing a large bowl in the sink. Stretch the part of the tablecloth with a stain and fasten this part with a rubber band. Doing this should set or tighten the fabric. Pour the boiling or warm water directly a foot above the stain to the stain. Leaving this for a few minutes should wash out the wine color.


We are not so big on using bleach to remove stains, but you will not have any other effective option aside from bleach soaked in the stained part of your clothing for ten minutes. Wash this after using hot water.

White vinegar and laundry soap

Pour a tablespoon of white vinegar into the part with wine stain. Doing this will counterbalance the purple and red colors. Rub in liquid soap to the same spot, then wash it using hot water. The wine stain should be gone.

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet?

It is not new to see spills when there are gatherings and especially when everyone is having fun. And you should not let it ruin the mood if you (or one of your special guests) accidentally spilled red wine on your carpet. There is not just one way to remove red wine stains, so it should not worry anyone.

How to Remove A Red Wine Stain Out of Your Carpet Using Club Soda


The wonders of club soda! Using club soda has been a solution to removing red wine stains for time immemorial. It is still as effective now as it was then in removing spills on your carpet. How do you precisely remove the stain using a club soda?

  • Blot the stain as hard as you can using a clean and dry piece of cloth
  • Pour club soda on the specific area of the carpet with red wine stains
  • Continue blotting
  • Pour club soda again
  • Then continue blotting
  • Repeat this cycle until the red wine stain is gone

How to Remove Wine Stains Out Of Your Carpet Using White Vinegar and Dishwashing Soap

using a sponge to remove wine from carpet


If you do not have any available club soda at home and do not want the red wine stain on your carpet to stay in there for a long time, you can always try white vinegar and dishwashing soap or dish soap.

  • Blot the stain again as much as you can.
  • Mix one tablespoon of dish soap and another tablespoon of white vinegar to two cups of hot water. Warm water will also do the job. White vinegar, and not other types of vinegar, is best in removing stains since white vinegar does not have any coloring agent. It also has a 5% acidity level like your all-around stain remover at home.
  • Using a white cloth, pour a small portion of the mixture into your carpet. Continue blotting until you see the stain disappearing.

How To Get Red Wine Out of Carpet Using Parts Hydrogen Peroxide

No club soda and white vinegar? No problem! You can use hydrogen peroxide to get red wine pills removed. Our warning: you need to be very careful with the way you apply this on your carpet since hydrogen peroxide sometimes causes carpet blotch. Test it first on a hidden part of your carpet to determine if it is okay to go ahead and apply this.

  • Same thin, blot the stain using a dry cloth.
  • Blend two is to one part of hydrogen peroxide to dish soap respectively. Test this on any remote part of your carpet to ensure no discoloration will happen.
  • Apply this mixture to the red wine carpet stain.
  • Continue blotting until you can no longer see the stain.
  • There are also red wine stain removal merchandises that you can buy now, and this will make your job easier in removing stains on your carpet.

How to Remove Wine Stains Out Of Your Carpet Using Baking Soda

  • Add drops of cold water to the red wine stains, and using a paper towel, pat the stain until dry
  • Add baking soda to the cold water in the stain and let it dry
  • Once dried, remove the paste using a vacuum

Do not procrastinate


Your time in getting to the red wine spill will tell you how extensive the coverage of the stain is and how soon you can clean it. It can be challenging since you may need to do this while the party is not over yet and your guests are still everywhere. The only reason you must get your hands in there as soon as possible is to prevent the carpet fibers from absorbing all the red wine.

Test with Water First

You will be surprised how water mostly resolves all stain issues. Through the use of a wet cloth, blot the stain as fast as you can. As long as you poured water, continue blotting until you see a difference. Do not over wet the carpet with water. Move on to the next step if the red wine stain is still there after blotting many times.

Blot, do not rub

Rub or scrub, just do not do it. Scrubbing the red wine spills will do more damage than help. To scrub the stain means you are creating friction that may result in the bonding of the fibers more with the stained area, making it harder to remove.

Blot from the outside in to prevent the stain from spreading further. Spray water as you blot and do this until the stain is gone. Again, use a spray bottle of water or a damp rag and gently blot using a clean dry cloth from the outside. Repeat this process until the color is no longer visible

Use Cold Water


When you see that the color of the stain is lighter, drop cold water over the stain. This will weaken the remaining particles or fibers of the spills and will tell you how much you have removed already. We can tell the name of the game when it comes to removing red wine stains by repeating some steps like blotting, spraying water, and then blotting again until you can not see the stain anymore.

How Do You Remove Dry Red Wine Stain From Your Carpet?

You can, but we highly encourage you to try your best to do any of the tips available, so you do not have to wait for the wine stain to dry.

Pour two cups of warm water plus a spoonful of white vinegar and dish liquid soap. Combine them and apply them on the stain and blot until the stain is gone. Wash any residue of stain using cold water before finally blotting until dry.

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